Response to Mali’s Speech

I found Mali’s approach to be quite aggressive, however at the same time it is also powerful. He strongly argues that teachers are underrated and not appreciated. Meanwhile, educators prepare youth for the future. We have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. I agree with what he is saying. We are definitely underrated. People think that we get summers off. And although we technically do, they don’t see the hours of planning that we do. We also have to deal with parents who think their children can do no wrong and are constantly being criticized for how or what we are teaching. Being is a teacher is like having 30 kids. We have to adapt to each learning style and ensure that each student understands and grasps our lessons.

In my opinion, a good teacher is approachable, understanding, dynamic, determined and patient. A good teacher adapts to all abilities, learning styles, etc and is dynamic in their lessons. A good teacher must be understanding of their students and know who each and everyone of them are. Patients is also a very important quality to have. Some students may not understand what you are trying to teach and you need to be patient with them and spend some extra time with them or change your approach to something they understand. Being an educator is not an easy job, but we make a difference in this world and should be appreciated.


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