Outcome: Health USC5.1

Outcome: USC5.1  Analyze personal eating practices

What does this outcome mean?

  • to analyze personal eating habits and to become aware of what you are putting into your body.

What are three activities that could help students understand this outcome?

  • I would have students record their daily food intake for a week on a chart that I have created.
  • I would like to incorporate a visual representation for those who learn best through visuals. My idea for this it to have students draw on a plate what foods they should be eating for each meal and the appropriate portion sizes. They should take into account the Canadian Food Guide.
  • Another activity that I would do is one where they get to interact with their peers. I would have students get into groups and assign each group a particular diet. (vegetarian, vegan, different cultural diets, etc) Have them research and present this diet in whatever form they would like.

3. What are three assessments that could help students demonstrate their understanding of this outcome?

  • Once they have completed their chart, they could write a reflection in their journal about the good choices that they made, and what they could change.
  • For the visual activity I would have them compare with another student and establish whether their “plate” fits in with the Canadian Food Guide.
  • Mark the groups based on their presentation skills

What is another indicator that you could add to the list?

  • Talk about high performance athletes and how their diet is different from the average person. ex/ high protein diet. I would also mention how this type of diet affects the body.

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