Treaty Education Course

I did not know what to expect going into the course. I will be honest and say that I thought the course was going to be really dry, but the facilitators and elders made the experience interesting and interactive.

After taking the course I feel refreshed and more confident in incorporating treaty ed into the classroom. Elder Noel was the first elder to come and speak with us. His approach is very straight forward and I found myself feeling kind of guilty. Afterwords I reflected on it and changed my perception. There isn’t a way to sugar coat Canadian History and residential schools. People need to become aware of the fact that a huge part of Canadian history was left out. Although Noel was deeply affected by residential schools, he has forgiven and healed. It takes a big person to say those things to a culture who has tried to destroy his people.

I absolutely adored Elder Lynda. She is such a nice, modest person. Her take on the residential schools was refreshing. It was nice to hear that everyone did not have a bad experience at residential schools. We only ever hear about the bad, so she made me feel a lot less guilty. She is someone who I would definitely bring into my class.

I am so thankful for all the resources that we were given. It helped me out a lot to see it all on paper and to actually come up with a lesson plan.

I not only walked out of course feeling refreshed, but I walked out with the confidence to incorporate treaty education into all the subjects that I teach.


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