Pre-internship-Day 2

I had a really good day today. I absolutely love the grade 6/7 class and my co-op teacher at Lindale.  Today I had the opportunity to teach an art lesson. This class really loves art so they were excited when I told them what they were doing. I chose to do Zentangle art which is like a form of abstract art. As soon as  I told them this they became very excited and the room got really loud. So I did the “clap once if you can hear me” strategy, and that worked really well.  The theme that I chose was Fall/autumn and I asked the students to brainstorm words that are associated with fall that you would be able to draw. I then gave them the steps on how to do it. During this time the group became really chatty, and so I called upon random students to repeat a step and that caught their attention after a little while.

Overall I think my lesson went well. It was very simple so there was not much that could go wrong. My co-op teacher suggested that when the students are talking over you, to stop giving instruction and wait until they stop talking.

Once again, I was asked to help coach volleyball practice at noon hour which was so much fun. The boys listened to suggestions and tried to fix whatever  I asked them too right away. Taking part in extra curricular activities is a great way to meet other students and staff and to even get your name out there for future employment.

I am excited for next week but am a little nervous as I have to teach a French lesson. I really wanted to step outside my comfort zone and teach a more challenging class!


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