Pre internship Day 4

This week Dustan and I did an English lesson together and we were both so excited for it. We did the pechaflickr game as a little engage lesson.  It was going so well and the kids were having a lot of fun until an inappropriate picture popped up. We were both so embarrassed but most of the kids did not even know what it meant. The next thing we did was play a short video and the kids were supposed to identify common themes that they found throughout. The video was hysterical and the kids loved it! After the video Dustan asked them a handful of questions and we had a great group discussion for about half an hour. This group of kids looooves to talk and debate so a group discussion is perfect for them. One thing that I learned from this lesson is that things arent always going to go the way you want so you just have to go with it.

The principle of the school called Dustan and I into her office for the last class. All of the kids thought that we were in trouble. It was really funny! She told us that all teachers have to be observed by the principle or vice principle a certain amount of times throughout the year. She gave us a handout of a checklist that she looks for while observing which was so helpful! She also told us some things that she looks for during an interview. I absolutely love everything about this school and look forward to going every week.


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