Field Trip Reflection

After our field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan museum, I reflected on how I would conduct a field trip with my classroom. For this field trip, the main purpose was attending the First Nation’s exhibit.When we arrived, we were given a little worksheet that we were supposed to answer throughout the exhibit. The problem with having a worksheet right off the bat, is that students are not actually exploring and learning on their own terms. Likewise, if students have not learned about treaty education and are  solely gaining information from the exhibit, there is a chance that they might not get the whole truth about First Nation’s peoples and their past and present experiences.

Field trips should be fun, but they should still serve a purpose. Students need to know before hand what the purpose of the field trip is. I have been on multiple field trips where I did not know what the purpose was or I failed to take into account its purpose.

Here is what I would do differently in my classroom. This field trip would be an end-of-the-year trip or it would take place at the end of a treaty education unit. I want my students to learn the correct facts first, because after attending the exhibit, it is clear that it has flaws. I would have my students go through the exhibit the first time just exploring on their own terms. After they have been through it the first time, I would then ask them to go through again and to write down what they think is missing or what is untrue about the facts that are given throughout the exhibit. This will encourage students to think critically and to form their own opinions and beliefs. I would then have my students share with their peers what they think is missing from the museum and we would have a class discussion. I would then have my students come up with an action plan. An example could be writing a letter to the museum stating that they are missing some key facts about First Nations peoples. I believe that I am an advocate for social change, and I want to encourage my students to do the same.




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