Day 7

Today was by far the best day of pre-internship thus far! Dustan had a  great lesson on inferring that he did with our grade 6/7’s. One component of the lesson was to make an inference about what the chorus of Adele’s song “Hello” Well once everyone heard that song, they wanted to keep singing it. They begged and begged to hear the whole song. Finally, our co-op teacher gave in and said we could listen to the whole song only if everyone acted mellow dramatic. They accepted the challenge! Everyone in the class stood up and burst into song. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed, and I learned a lesson from that experience. School does not always have to be boring! Kid’s have to enjoy themselves and taking 5 minutes out the day for the kid’s to have fun is so worth it. Our co-op teacher is amazing and has such a great relationship with her students. It has inspired me to teach in the same way.

Today I taught a social studies lesson on the values and belief’s of First Nation’s peoples by using a medicine wheel.  As soon as they realized we were doing a lesson about medicine wheels, they started to grown, stating that they have learned about them four years in a row. I thought to myself “well I’m doomed” But the activity was very interactive and the students were engaged for the most part. They are a very chatty group and there is always conversations going on so today was a big test of my classroom management skills. Overall, I thought it went well.

I have become so close with this group of kid’s and I have looked forward to seeing them every wednesday. I am so thrilled to be back in the classroom again in March. I am interested in seeing how the kid’s have grown and changed. Dustan and I both received a big card from the students and it was a perfect way to end the semester!


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