Semester 2

At the end of the Fall Semester  I was feeling very tired, stressed and overwhelmed. When the final day of the semester came to a close, all those worries and stresses vanished. I am an advocate for mental health and believe that it should not be taken lightly. Therefore, during my winter break I made sure to make time for myself and unwind from the busy semester. I felt refreshed and ready to go for semester 2!

I am so excited to get back into the classroom come March! I miss the students and their enthusiasm. Although I have to admit that I am not too thrilled to be teaching math. Math has always been my weakest subject so I fear that I will not be able to teach it properly. However, it is a subject that I may be stuck teaching in the future, so it is better to get a feel for it now in pre-internship. I think in order to be successful I am just going to have to do a lot of work in terms of preparation. I am going to have to prepare thorough lesson plans and write EVERYTHING down to ensure that I dont forget anything. I am also going to have to prepare myself for students who may not understand what I am trying to teach. I am going to have to write down differentiation strategies incase this arises. All in all, I am excited and prepared to tackle this semester, but most importantly I am excited to get back to Lindale School.


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