Yay For Lindale!

Today I got to choose where my Internship is going to be in the fall, and I am so happy to be returning to Lindale school! I have had such a great experience at this school so far that I wanted to go back. I cannot wait until the fall!

I came across an article this past week about Minecraft. This got me reminiscing about our awesome gamifaction presentation last semester. At first I was not a fan of bringing such games into the classroom. Reason being, I was worried about what parents and guardians would think of their kids “playing” games. I cannot remember the name of the person who gave the presentation, but I approached him with that concern and his advice for me was to make sure that I have whatever game they are playing connected to the curriculum. That way, if parents approach you about it you can show them what outcomes and indicators it fits with.

I think Minecraft would be a great resource for math. It’s fun and interactive and students are able to show their creativity. I believe math should not be so black and white; there should be multiple interpretations of how to do math. Many students fear math for this reason. They feel that they cannot do it because many teachers only give them one way of doing math. Minecraft fits right in with this statement! Students are able to explore a way or style that works best for them!

I am not able to teach math in my pre-internship unfortunately, but I hope to include gamification in some of the other subjects that I am teaching in March.


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