Should The Lord’s Prayer Remain in School?

The news story about the parent from Moose jaw who was complaining that Lindale school says The Lords Prayer, is old news. However, I have been battling with the idea of talking about it or not, and I have decided that it is okay to display my opinion publicly. I may be a bit biased because my pre-internship is at Lindale, but I think this woman took it a bit far. Lindale is rated one of the best schools in the province for a reason. The principle and rest of the staff are amazing and I have fully enjoyed my experience there. The parents of Lindale school were able to express their opinions of keeping The Lords Prayer in the school, and 90% of the parents were okay with it. This woman definitely has the right to express her own opinion, however I feel like she took it too far because she was upset with the outcome.

If this was to arise in my classroom where one of my students’ parents disagreed with how the school is run, then I would suggest these options:  that her student goes into the hallway when the rest of the class is reciting the prayer, the student stays in the classroom but does not recite the prayer, or she simply takes her child to a different school. When 90% of the parents are okay with it, then you either have to conform or take your child to a different school. I think she is making this school look bad, when in reality it is a great school. I would agree with her if the percentage was a lot lower, but 90% is very high.

However, I do realize that this is just my opinion and some may disagree with me and that is okay!


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