Nearing the End of the Semester

I can’t believe that this semester is coming to an end already. It has definitely flown by. I have to be honest though, this was probably the worst semester for me personally. Last semester was really great. I learned so much and came away with a ton of resources and activities to implement in my classroom. However, this semester has been the complete opposite. I have not taken much away from the classes, which is disappointing because there were some classes that I was really looking forward to, too aid me in my future teaching endeavours. I guess I am just disappointed because I not only came to university to get a degree in something that I am passionate about, but I also came to learn and expand my knowledge.

Instead of this post just being negative, I wanted to add in some positives. Although some classes have been disappointing this semester, there were a couple of classes that were really helpful. But I have to say that I learned more in my pre-internship than I have these past couple of years, and that is just the reality of it. You can talk about how to make a proper lesson and differentiated learning, but you really learn how to apply these things when you are in the classroom. I tried some things that we have learned about in class and some things worked, and some didn’t.

Now that I have been in the classroom for a month, I am just so eager to start internship and finish my degree! It is very exciting to know that teaching is exactly what I want to do and I am so passionate about it.


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