Passion for Sports

This past weekend I went to Prince Albert to watch my brother’s volleyball tournament. One of the teams in this tournament was from La Loche. A few months ago there was a school shooting there. You never hear about this happening in Canada let alone Saskatchewan, so it was a huge shock to the country and province as a whole.

I decided that I wanted to watch their team play. I can not believe the passion that this group of 10 boys had. During the game, I turned around and talked to the parent’s of one of the boys on the team. I expressed my amazement to them, and they were so humble. I later learned that their previous coach was among the group of people who had been shot. She lived, but was in critical condition at the time. I was so shocked and felt so much more compassion for them. It was then that I realized where their drive and passion derived from.

I could not imagine having this happen in my community, but it is so evident that this community came together to heal from this tragic event. It was crazy to realize that this group of boys was in the school where this happened and lost teachers and friends on that very day.


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