In our ECS class we were asked to inquire about a topic that we were interested in. Sheena and I chose to get resources for grade 6 ELA. We found a handful of resources that can be used for multiple outcomes. It was very easy to find these resources and there were surprisingly many great resources for Treaty Education.

During my pre-internship I fell in love with the idea of doing debates in the classroom. They are such a great way to create discussions and for students to form and express their own opinions and beliefs. I found a great resource that lists a bunch of debate topics and it also has a description of the debate process.

Another great resource that Sheena found was the Plan For Inquiry resource. Incorporating inquiry into the classroom can often be a difficult task for teachers because they do not know how to teach their students to conduct an inquiry. This website provides teachers with the necessary information to implement it into your classroom. Inquiry is a great way for students to learn and explore areas that they are interested in.

During class time, each group was able to share their findings. It was very interesting to see what everyone came up with. There are tons and tons of resources out there for teachers. One inquiry that I found particularly interesting was the Math Anxiety project. Math is a tough subject for a lot of kids and they often dread it and become fearful of it. Their resources provide teachers with many strategies to diminish this anxiety and make math enjoyable.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment. Not only does it help us to understand the inquiry process, but it also provides us with many great resources to take out into the field.


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