Twitter Enthusiast

I had a Twitter account around the first time that it came out. I wasn’t really sure how to use it and quickly became annoyed with all of the random tweets that popped up on my feed. I had strange people following me and mentioning my name in weird tweets. It did not take long until I deleted my account. Therefore, when we were asked to create an account for #ecmp355, I was hesitant. However, I have quickly learned how essential Twitter can be for developing your Professional Learning Network and your own professional development. Not only that, it can also be used in the classroom. For example, it is a great way to share lessons and ideas with other teachers. Likewise, it is a great way to find resources to use in your own classroom. Also, it is also a great way for parents to see what their children are up too if you share pictures and videos and to see when upcoming projects and assignments are due. I think another great way to incorporate Twitter into the classroom is to follow certain hashtags that are relevant to the material you are teaching. This gives students are great way to research and learn more about a topic. On the same note, it can provide much insight into certain social issues that are taking place throughout the world and can help students to develop their own values and beliefs and become politically active.

The increase of technology has given more pathways to the world around us and is a unique way to interact and communicate. I think there are many benefits to using Twitter and technology in general in the classroom. Technology in the classroom has become a topic that I am very interested about and I look forward to increasing my knowledge.