Yay for Minecraft!

This past week in #ECMP355 we talked a lot about the pro’s and con’s of having technology in the classroom. I would love to incorporate gamification into the classroom, however I worry about what the parent’s or guardians of my students might think. However, I think many games, especially Minecraft, can be very beneficial to have in the classroom. I absolutely love Minecraft and it can be incorporated into many subjects. For example, it provides students with a great, hands on experience when using it in a Shape and Space math unit. I am also a strong believer that children need to be able to express themselves and show their creativity, and Minecraft is a great way to do that!

Mckaila, Emma-Leigh and I created a conversation in which a teacher is trying to convince a parent the benefits of having Minecraft in the classroom. Check it out below!

Concerned Parent:

  1. Is it safe for my child to be playing mine craft?
  2. I don’t understand the game.
  3. How is this game teaching my child anything?
  4. Why use this game instead of traditional teaching methods?

Innovative Teacher:

  1. Yes it is completely safe! Although there are online options where people can play with people online, there are options that restrict this. You can play single player that is only you and no one else online. There is also a LAN option that allows you to play with people in the same location if you are using the same modem. This allows the class to play together online without any unwanted participants.
  2. The game can be confusing at first because it looks like you are just running around building things, which is basically what the game is. Students have a blank slate that they can work with and get creative. Students create a world and learn many skills in doing so.
  3. A better question would be how isn’t this game teaching your child!- Just kidding I wouldn’t say that to a parent, but seriously! The website linked here is a great resources for parents to read when they are questioning mine craft. Mine craft is a great game for students to learn because it teaches students problem solving when they are faced with a decision to make that could make or break their world. It teaches math skills when they are building with each block and how to plan a structure that will work well for the situation.
  4. Many students already play mine craft so if we can work it into our lessons it makes it a lot more engaging for most students. Some students may not play mine craft, but children catch on to technology and games very easily therefore it works for everyone in the class.

3 thoughts on “Yay for Minecraft!

  1. This is really cool I never would have thought to use videos games or computer games students use in there free time in the class room. Mind craft seems like the perfect game to incorporate into a classroom and I am definitely tempted to check it out! Do you know of any other games that would be handy to incorporate into your teaching?


    • I will admit that i absolutely love minecraft, even for my own enjoyment! We had a presenter on gamification and he said that world of Warcraft is also a good one. However I do not know much about it


  2. I have never understood Minecraft and how it can be used in the classroom for math, but after spending an hour coding on Minecraft I can totally see how this can work! Now when I see my son playing Minecraft I know there is more than just walking around and joining worlds!


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