Yoga for Beginners….? Ya Right! 

As many of you know, I decided to take up yoga for my learning project for my #ecmp355 class. Well, I have struggled to keep up with it lately. I have been finding it hard to balance work, which starts at 530am, three spring classes, my family, boyfriend and fitness. I chose to do yoga to help manage my stress and anxiety because I really struggle with it when I become busy and overwhelmed. However, it has added to my stress! But with a few deep breaths and later, I decided to conquer it. 

I started by typing: Yoga For Beginners into Google. Here are some images that popped up. 

I also used this website. 

My first reaction was: okay I can do this. They look easy! So I tried them… But first I wanted to see how flexible I was. After years of dance and playing sports I thought it would be pretty good..but as you can see from the look on my face, I wasn’t too impressed! I’m also not wearing makeup here, so I think I was also scared when I was looking at myself in the camera!! 

What you are about to witness now, are examples of some very bad yoga. Do not try this at home! I am hoping to come back to these poses at the end of the assignment and display my improvements! 
I decided to start off simple. This first pose is called the child’s pose,or balasana. I found This website to be very helpful because it shows how to do each pose step by step, has a video that you can watch, and gives you the benefits and some complications that you might have with the pose. I found this pose to be very relaxing and it was fairly easy to do. 

This next pose is called the cat pose, or marjaryasana. You can find the full description of the pose here. This pose felt very good on my back and stretched out my lower back which is a problem area for me. 

The next pose that I decided to try was the warrior one pose. As you can see from the website, I have some improvements to make! Despite my terrible form, it was a fun one to do. 

Next I decided to tackle the warrior two pose. My rendition of the pose is terrible compared to the picture on the website. However, I can only go up from here and hopefully show improvements. 

Next came tree pose, or vrksasana. This one was fun and definitely tested my balance. While the person in the Picture definitely looks better than me, I thought I didn’t do too bad! (Hence my cheesy smile) 

Now this last one I can definitely do, and tend to do it for at least 8 hours a day.. The corpse pose! (Savasana) it actually has a a lot more benefits than I thought. You can check those out here

Overall I was happy with what I accomplished today and look forward go seeing my growth! 


5 thoughts on “Yoga for Beginners….? Ya Right! 

  1. Your poses look really good and strong for your first time. I just took up yoga a few weeks ago and it is much harder than i expected it to be. I am also impressed that you could do this at home, I am a leave the house to work out type of person, so I am impressed with you for that! My advice to continue to work on your poses to build your flexibility, and just gain an overall comfort while doing them. I will also recommend doing your poses in front of a mirror or with a friend to tell you if you are in the correct position. I know a few people who have gotten injured doing yoga incorrectly.


  2. Robin, I was working in a classroom as an Educational Assistant and the classroom teacher would get the grade 2 students to do yoga. We would do 4 different yoga poises for about 5 minutes in the afternoon, after lunch time. The transition for that particular class was difficult. The 5 minute yoga would help the students to calm down and focus on the next job they would have to do. Maybe find just a few poses you like to do and practise those ones. Every little bit helps. PS. You look great with make up and with out make up : )


  3. Great job, Shelby! You look very strong in your poses and confident. Have you tried table pose to downward dog yet? Those two are definitely my favourite poses so far, and they are easy to transition from one to the next. Also, I am going to have to take some time to look at the resources you have posted on each of these poses. I know the poses I like and why, but will be super interesting to see why they are so beneficial to my body! Thanks for sharing!


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