Bodhi Tree Yoga Should Probably Hire Me…

As the semester is coming to an end, my learning project also concludes. I have had so much fun and good laughs attempting to do challenging yoga poses, and my health has also benefitted from it these last seven weeks. I do not plan on stopping here, however. Not only  has this project improved my endurance and flexibility, but it has also helped me handle stress.

If you recall back to my very first #learningproject post, my trusty partner Brooke listed off some yoga poses and I had to come up with my own interpretation of what I thought they meant. Here is the video.

I thought it would be fun to go back and do the actual poses, so here goes nothin!

This first pose is called reclining hero pose. I definitely felt the stretch in my thighs! I actually stayed in this pose for quite some time and I felt so good after!

This is called locust pose. This pose looks simple, but it was actually quite difficult. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a bad back and this pose did not feel the greatest.. but I did it anyways and I think I did pretty good!

This pose is called half-frog pose. If my upper body did not have to elevated, I think this pose would have felt pretty good!

This next one is called dolphin pose. I really felt the stretch in my calves and arms!

This next pose was hard, but was probably my favorite pose throughout this whole learning project. It is called wild thing! …..You make everything, groooooovy. Im sorry, I couldn’t help it.

This pose is called upward solute. It was an easy pose to do, but I still felt a stretch in my back and shoulder blades.

Last but not least, this is called the happy baby pose. I’m not gonna lie,  I felt very awkward doing this pose, but it gave me such a good stretch.

There were a couple of poses from the video that I did not try because they were either too hard or I had previously done them.

I am very glad that I chose to do yoga for my learning project. As I have mentioned time and time again, I struggle in dealing with stress and am always finding ways to help manage it. Luckily, doing yoga helps! Throughout this project I have learned that I do not need to do hours of yoga a day in order to see progress. In fact, I found that just doing 5-10 minutes a day did wonders!

My yoga journey does not stop here. I plan to keep mastering the poses that I have demonstrated throughout this project and aspire to keep learning new ones.

If anyone one is wondering what Bodhi Tree is, it is a well known yoga studio in Regina. My title is 100% a joke by the way….





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