Summary of Learning

I used Fakebook to create my summary for learning for #ecmp355. I had so much fun creating my fake profile. Check it out here

I forgot that Screencastify only lets you record for a maximum of 10 minutes. I wanted to talk about Carol Todd and how much Amanda’s story has impacted me. Therefore, I will talk about it here.

I heard that a young girl from B.C had taken her life due to bullying, but I was not aware of the full story. When I watched The Sextortion of Amanda Todd, my eyes definitely opened. I had no idea that men drove a young girl to take her own life because of constant threats to reveal her body. I have learned that the internet can be a dangerous place and we have to know how to protect ourselves and our identity. I have become passionate about cyber bullying and internet safety because of #ecmp355, Carol Todd, and Amanda Todd Legacy. I will teach my students how to be safe on the internet and raise awareness for cyber bullying. I give so much credit to Carol and her admin for raising awareness and being advocates for bullying and internet safety. You all have impacted me so much.

#ecmp355 has been an amazing adventure and I cannot wait to take my new learnings into the classroom.




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