French Lesson

Grade 6/7 French


Outcome: 7.GL.1 Select listening or viewing strategies in highly structured situations

Indicator: Activates prior knowledge about a topic from a limited list of possible prior experiences.


Equipment: Facebook profile handout



  • So far students have described pictures of mask’s, asked each other questions of the masks and drawn faces and described them to a partner.
  • I want to expand on this and have you draw a picture of your own face and describe it in French.
  • Ask students to get out their word list
  • Hand out facebook profile sheet
  • Step #1: Draw in your picture. Allow students 10 minutes for this. Step #2: describe your picture in French under the Qu’est-ce que je ressemblant? Step #3 Hand in to be graded. (write steps on the board)




  • Have student’s hand in their profile when completed for grading. If they do not finish, have it done by the following Wednesday.
  • Mark the profile out of 5. Students will get a 5/5 if they have written five sentences in French. If they have only written three sentences, then they will get a mark of 3/5.