Genius Hour

During my internship, my co-op teacher and I agreed to incorporate genius hour into our classroom. For those who are not aware of what genius hour is, I will give a brief description.

Genius Hour was created by Google. Google allows their engineers to spend 20% of their time on a topic that interests them. The same principle applies in the classroom. Students are to explore their own passions and interests and encourages creativity in the classroom. Our guidelines were simple:

  • research a topic that interests you.
  • the topic has to be something that requires in depth research, meaning that your topic cannot be something that you can find the answer to in 5 minutes.
  • you have until the end of the year to work on this project
  • you may create many genius hour projects through-out the year.


Below is a picture of the Genius Hour board that we created as well as some of the topics that the students were interested in.