4:30 a.m Is Too Early For Yoga!

I spend my summer days cutting fairways at a local golfcourse. I absolutely love my job. I get to spend the whole day outside… what more could a person ask for in a job? The only downfall is that work starts at 5:30 am, therefore I have to get up around 4:30. It is very hard to get into this routine first, but it gets easier. The upside is that I am done at 1:30, way before most people get to go home after a long days work. I find my job to be very relaxing and I appreciate the alone time since I do not always get that at home.

This morning I was feeling ambitious…which can be a shock for someone who does not start their day at 4:30 am. I decided to try doing the sun salutation. This is the video that I followed. I liked it because she breaks down the poses step by step and goes at a good pace so it is easy to follow.

You are probably wondering where my humorous video is. Well, I did not want my followers to see what I looked like so early in the morning. But I assure you that I definitely did do it. It actually helped wake me up and set the tone for a good day. My initial thought was that it would make me even more tired, but it did the exact opposite.

I also wanted to research the benefits of doing this routine first thing in the morning. This website gives 5 reasons as to why it is the best way to start your day.

I also found this website to be also very helpful because it explains the benefits of children doing the sun salutation.  Since I am an up and coming teacher, I became intrigued and wanted to dig deeper. I decided to look up the benefits of incorporating yoga into the classroom. Here is what I found from this website:


  • since it is essential for children to develop and improve their fine motor skills at a young age, yoga can be very beneficial for improving balance and flexibility
  • children also tend to get sick often, and incorporating yoga in the classroom can help improve the immunity in the classroom
  • Yoga also promotes thinking and memory
  • Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness
  • it also can calm and clear the mind, bringing us into the present moment as well as relieve tension and stress. For this point I thought about those students who have a cognitive disability and how calming the mind may help them when they become overwhelmed.
  • another important point that I like is that yoga can encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility which can lead to a happy inclusive classroom.

kid yoga

I have never thought about incorporating yoga into my classroom, but after doing some research I am starting to think that it may be a good idea! However, I have to be sure to improve on my yoga skills before teaching my students some poses! 


Yoga for Beginners….? Ya Right! 

As many of you know, I decided to take up yoga for my learning project for my #ecmp355 class. Well, I have struggled to keep up with it lately. I have been finding it hard to balance work, which starts at 530am, three spring classes, my family, boyfriend and fitness. I chose to do yoga to help manage my stress and anxiety because I really struggle with it when I become busy and overwhelmed. However, it has added to my stress! But with a few deep breaths and later, I decided to conquer it. 

I started by typing: Yoga For Beginners into Google. Here are some images that popped up. 

I also used this website. 

My first reaction was: okay I can do this. They look easy! So I tried them… But first I wanted to see how flexible I was. After years of dance and playing sports I thought it would be pretty good..but as you can see from the look on my face, I wasn’t too impressed! I’m also not wearing makeup here, so I think I was also scared when I was looking at myself in the camera!! 

What you are about to witness now, are examples of some very bad yoga. Do not try this at home! I am hoping to come back to these poses at the end of the assignment and display my improvements! 
I decided to start off simple. This first pose is called the child’s pose,or balasana. I found This website to be very helpful because it shows how to do each pose step by step, has a video that you can watch, and gives you the benefits and some complications that you might have with the pose. I found this pose to be very relaxing and it was fairly easy to do. 

This next pose is called the cat pose, or marjaryasana. You can find the full description of the pose here. This pose felt very good on my back and stretched out my lower back which is a problem area for me. 

The next pose that I decided to try was the warrior one pose. As you can see from the website, I have some improvements to make! Despite my terrible form, it was a fun one to do. 

Next I decided to tackle the warrior two pose. My rendition of the pose is terrible compared to the picture on the website. However, I can only go up from here and hopefully show improvements. 

Next came tree pose, or vrksasana. This one was fun and definitely tested my balance. While the person in the Picture definitely looks better than me, I thought I didn’t do too bad! (Hence my cheesy smile) 

Now this last one I can definitely do, and tend to do it for at least 8 hours a day.. The corpse pose! (Savasana) it actually has a a lot more benefits than I thought. You can check those out here

Overall I was happy with what I accomplished today and look forward go seeing my growth! 

The Disturbing Hidden World Online 

It was very difficult to watch The Sextortion of Amanda Todd.  I knew that a young girl had committed suicide because of repeated bullying, however I did not know that these bullies were exploiting her and blackmailing her online. It was a very disturbing realization that I had that there is a whole other dark world online that we do not even know about. Throughout the depths of the Internet lies chat sites filled with men and women, which all seems very harmless however, there is a dark world that many do not know about. Within these chats sites there are men, young and old, with real profiles and fake profiles that cyberstalk, blackmail, and exploit (mostly) young women. It starts off with harmless small talk, then flirtatious behaviour, which leads to threats and pleas to reveal hidden body parts over the webcam. This whole concept seemed so abstract to me. How can so many young girls get caught up in the lies and devious behaviour of these predators online? The documentary states that many young women do not get attention at school or in their community which results in low self worth and self esteem. Therefore, they go online searching for compliments and someone to boost their self worth. So, when someone starts talking to you and begins dishing out complements, these young women become flattered. After all, they are FINALLY getting the attention that they have hoped for. However, their online friend starts asking you to do things that you may not be comfortable with,  such as revealing your private parts. When you refuse to do so, they start posing threats. Soon, you are not able to rid yourself of this cyber stalker and become scared of what they threaten that they might do.

This story reiterates the fact that once you post something online, it is there forever. I can safely say that at that time, Amanda did not think that her pictures would end up being posted on pornography sites and all over Facebook. She became brutally bullied by people in her community and the blackmailers online. As a result, her parents will never have their girl back.

Just a side note, I do not want people to think that I am posing the idea that men are the only ones who cyberstalk, I’m sure that women do the same. However, most of the stories that we hear about involve men (young and old) cyberstalking and blackmailing young women online.

It is scary to think that this has and will continue to happen to so many young women. So as an educator, what can I do?

The technological world has grown tremendously over the years, and we have to learn how to adapt and utilize this growth. There are many, many Benefits of having technology in the classroom. However, there are also Disadvantages and are many internet sites that are dangerous. As an educator, I believe that it is essential to teach your students about Internet safety. It is unrealistic to say that I will be able to stop my students from going on dangerous sites, so all I can do is educate them on the benefits and dangers of the Internet.

While I believe that teachers should promote Internet safety, I ultimately believe that it is up to the parents and guardians of my students to become aware of what their children are doing on the Internet. Here are some helpful tips for parents.

Although this documentary gave me insight on Amanda Todd’s story, I still have so many questions. 1. Did the police do enough? 2. How do these sites that can be so dangerous remain open? 3. How do these cyberstalkers continue to get away with so much? 4. Why do young women continue to reveal themselves in this way online?  I attempt to answer and give my opinions to these questions below:

1. I do not think that the police did enough for Amanda and her family in the beginning. They told her to delete all of her profiles on the Internet, essentially asking her to erase herself from the online world. While this is very true, it was far too late and very impossible to delete herself from the Internet. As I mentioned above, once you post something on the Internet, it is there forever. I believe that the police should have immediately taken action. They should have gotten Amanda’s laptop and cellphone and looked through her internet history and went on her online chats and profiles. The police ended up doing all this, but when it was too late.

2.  I like to think that I am pretty knowledgable about the Internet, however I am aware that I do not know everything. What I don’t understand is how these chat sites remain open while they have been the host to so many online predators, cyberstalkers, and blackmailers. Which brings up another question, is it even possible to shut down Internet sites?  If so, how hard is it to do so?

3. There are many cyberstalkers and blackmailers who continue to get away with so much indecent acts. Everyday there are thousands, probably even millions of women who get caught up in the sweet talk of online predators. How do they continue to get away with so much? The only answers that I can come up with are that young women are too afraid to come forward about what is going on. Another reason, which is sad but true, is that these young women crave this attention and know that they will not get it anywhere else so they continue to show themselves online.  The last reason that I came up with is that it is simply too hard to track down all of these blackmailers. However, if it gets to that point, it then starts with these young women coming forward and notifying their parents and police when they are becoming cyberstalked and bullied. But let’s not let it get to this point.

4.  I kind of touched on this question earlier. Young women continue to go online and reveal themselves because they crave attention. Let’s be honest, everyone craves attention. The problem is that some people do not get it at home, school, or in their community so they look for it online. Soon, they are flooded with compliments and their self esteem is boosted. Young women get so caught up in the lies and deceit and that is when it becomes dangerous.
I recommended that everyone should watch this short documentary. It has definitely changed my perspective on Internet safety and has showed me the importance of teaching and demonstrating Internet safety in my classroom.

Rip Amanda 

Yay for Minecraft!

This past week in #ECMP355 we talked a lot about the pro’s and con’s of having technology in the classroom. I would love to incorporate gamification into the classroom, however I worry about what the parent’s or guardians of my students might think. However, I think many games, especially Minecraft, can be very beneficial to have in the classroom. I absolutely love Minecraft and it can be incorporated into many subjects. For example, it provides students with a great, hands on experience when using it in a Shape and Space math unit. I am also a strong believer that children need to be able to express themselves and show their creativity, and Minecraft is a great way to do that!

Mckaila, Emma-Leigh and I created a conversation in which a teacher is trying to convince a parent the benefits of having Minecraft in the classroom. Check it out below!

Concerned Parent:

  1. Is it safe for my child to be playing mine craft?
  2. I don’t understand the game.
  3. How is this game teaching my child anything?
  4. Why use this game instead of traditional teaching methods?

Innovative Teacher:

  1. Yes it is completely safe! Although there are online options where people can play with people online, there are options that restrict this. You can play single player that is only you and no one else online. There is also a LAN option that allows you to play with people in the same location if you are using the same modem. This allows the class to play together online without any unwanted participants.
  2. The game can be confusing at first because it looks like you are just running around building things, which is basically what the game is. Students have a blank slate that they can work with and get creative. Students create a world and learn many skills in doing so.
  3. A better question would be how isn’t this game teaching your child!- Just kidding I wouldn’t say that to a parent, but seriously! The website linked here is a great resources for parents to read when they are questioning mine craft. Mine craft is a great game for students to learn because it teaches students problem solving when they are faced with a decision to make that could make or break their world. It teaches math skills when they are building with each block and how to plan a structure that will work well for the situation.
  4. Many students already play mine craft so if we can work it into our lessons it makes it a lot more engaging for most students. Some students may not play mine craft, but children catch on to technology and games very easily therefore it works for everyone in the class.

Shelby, The Cyberslueth. Ft. Emma-Leigh

I chose to cyberslueth my good friend Emma-Leigh Slobodzian (soon to be Mrs. Pirio, woo!) When I first typed her name into Google, her WordPress and Pinterest accounts popped up, as well as news articles about softball. As I dug a little further, I discovered a few obituaries of some of her loved ones. When I clicked on videos, the two videos of her #learningproject popped up. You should totally watch this one. I am still waiting for the day when she serenades me! The next tab that I clicked on was photos. Here, many pictures of our classmates popped up, which I thought was a little strange. There were of course a few pictures of Emma-Leigh and her fiancé as well. Next, I clicked on news and I was happy to find out that she was (and likely still is) a volleyball and softball pro! In fact, she attended Softball Westerns which is a great accomplishment. She also received a handful of athletic and academic awards, which does not surprise me!

The next tab that was on Google was the maps tab. I must admit, I was a little scared to click this one. Reason being, it would not be safe if maps showed exactly where she lived. But lucky for her, it did not pop up.

I felt very invasive during my cybersleuthing. I felt that I was overstepping my boundaries.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that once you post something onto the internet, it is pretty much there for life. Therefore, you have to be very careful about what you say and post.

Emma- Leigh, you passed with flying colours so no need to worry!


For my ECMP 355 class we were asked to do a learning project in which we could choose to learn anything we wanted. I chose to learn how to do yoga because I feel that as I get better, it can help manage stress!

Below is a slightly embarrassing video of me attempting yoga poses. The lovely Brooke Korchinski chose random yoga poses for me to do and I had to come up with my own interpretation of what I thought they meant.

here is the video. 

I hope I made you laugh at least once with my ridiculous poses. As you can see, I know absolutely NOTHING about yoga. However, I hope in the weeks to come that I will become a pro!

Stay tuned for more videos!

Twitter Enthusiast

I had a Twitter account around the first time that it came out. I wasn’t really sure how to use it and quickly became annoyed with all of the random tweets that popped up on my feed. I had strange people following me and mentioning my name in weird tweets. It did not take long until I deleted my account. Therefore, when we were asked to create an account for #ecmp355, I was hesitant. However, I have quickly learned how essential Twitter can be for developing your Professional Learning Network and your own professional development. Not only that, it can also be used in the classroom. For example, it is a great way to share lessons and ideas with other teachers. Likewise, it is a great way to find resources to use in your own classroom. Also, it is also a great way for parents to see what their children are up too if you share pictures and videos and to see when upcoming projects and assignments are due. I think another great way to incorporate Twitter into the classroom is to follow certain hashtags that are relevant to the material you are teaching. This gives students are great way to research and learn more about a topic. On the same note, it can provide much insight into certain social issues that are taking place throughout the world and can help students to develop their own values and beliefs and become politically active.

The increase of technology has given more pathways to the world around us and is a unique way to interact and communicate. I think there are many benefits to using Twitter and technology in general in the classroom. Technology in the classroom has become a topic that I am very interested about and I look forward to increasing my knowledge.

This is me!


My name is Shelby Hack. I am nearing the end of my Education degree, and I could not be more excited to get out in the field! I am from Kipling Saskatchewan where my parents, brother and Marley (our family pet) live. I have always had a passion for sports and grew up playing fastball and volleyball. In my grade 12 year I moved up to Regina by myself where I graduated at LeBoldus. I went on to play two years of volleyball with the University of Regina. I plan on moving to Moosejaw this summer to live with my boyfriend and our two cats, Ollie and Dude. I will be doing my Internship in Moosejaw and cannot wait for this great experience.

Throughout by journey of becoming and educator, I have become passionate about inclusive education. I believe that all students have the right to learn, and to have the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them. Teaching is not an easy job, but I can assure you that it is very rewarding.

As for technology, I want to use it a lot in my classroom. We are so advanced now a days, that students themselves also need to learn how to use technology. I want to learn and explore more applications and websites that would be useful to use in the classroom. One app that I discovered during my preinternship was Class Dojo. It is a great way to communicate with parents and they can see where their children are at. Some others that I also really like are PlickersKahoot! and PechaFlickr.



In our ECS class we were asked to inquire about a topic that we were interested in. Sheena and I chose to get resources for grade 6 ELA. We found a handful of resources that can be used for multiple outcomes. It was very easy to find these resources and there were surprisingly many great resources for Treaty Education.

During my pre-internship I fell in love with the idea of doing debates in the classroom. They are such a great way to create discussions and for students to form and express their own opinions and beliefs. I found a great resource that lists a bunch of debate topics and it also has a description of the debate process.

Another great resource that Sheena found was the Plan For Inquiry resource. Incorporating inquiry into the classroom can often be a difficult task for teachers because they do not know how to teach their students to conduct an inquiry. This website provides teachers with the necessary information to implement it into your classroom. Inquiry is a great way for students to learn and explore areas that they are interested in.

During class time, each group was able to share their findings. It was very interesting to see what everyone came up with. There are tons and tons of resources out there for teachers. One inquiry that I found particularly interesting was the Math Anxiety project. Math is a tough subject for a lot of kids and they often dread it and become fearful of it. Their resources provide teachers with many strategies to diminish this anxiety and make math enjoyable.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment. Not only does it help us to understand the inquiry process, but it also provides us with many great resources to take out into the field.

It’s Not Yet Sweet Summertime

Many of my peers are ecstatic about being done the semester. However, this is not the case for me. A week ago I decided to take on three spring classes. I have been battling in my head if I made the right decision or not. On one hand, it is going to be so nice not having to come back for my last semester next winter. On the other hand, May and June are going to be extremely stressful. I will be working from 5:30 am until 1:30 pm everyday, and then have night class from Monday-Thursday. I am also going to have to give up my favorite extra curricular activities including slow pitch and beach volleyball.  Also, I will be packing up my things and moving to Moosejaw to live with my boyfriend. I will also be doing my Internship there. I figured I would get an extra semester over with now so I wouldn’t have to drive everyday.

I know that I am going to be exhausted with trying to battle work, school, family and boyfriend while keeping up with my health. Therefore, I need to carry my anti-stress techniques over from this past semester. I need to continue to only do as much as I can handle at that time. I also need to make sure that I get my rest because if I don’t, I know i will get sick and rundown. I also need to continue to eat healthy and go to the gym because  I feel so much better if I do. Lastly, I need to have fun! After all, it is going to be summer time.