STEM is a fairly new concept to the education world. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students are given assignments and tasks that focus on each area. Below are a few examples of activities.


This STEM activity is called: Save Fred





Build an Airplane Challenge

This STEM activity fits in with the Flight unit for grade 7 science. Students were asked to create an airplane. They were to build a model that would fly the farthest than anyone else’s. The materials that they were given were: white paper, tissue paper, construction paper, glue and scissors. There were many different models of airplanes that the students created. When they were finished, I took them to the gym and we tested out their planes. Together, we discovered that the plane that went the farthest was one that was created with the heaviest material (construction paper). This activity then helped me to explain Bernoulli’s principle and the four forces that affect flight.