Tech Presentation


Courtney, Sarah, Emma-Leigh, Shelby

A Wordless Picture Book

  • ●  Engage imaginative young minds
  • ●  “Easy peasy”…lemon squeezy
  • ●  Take your students on a “picture walk”

Essentially, the students will be shown a series of pictures to which they are to create their own story using their imaginations. The app will record the student’s story and will play it back for them.

Ways to use it in the Classroom

  • ●  Group Storytimes
    • ○  Have students tell story to the whole class (Public Speaking)
    • ○  Tell story together as a class
    • ○  Divide the class into groups
  • ●  Tell stories from different perspectives

○ Pick a genre (fairytale, mystery, adventure, etc.) ○ P.O.V.

● Creative Writing Exercises
○ Write on paper the words that might go along with the pictures

  • ●  Create a Story Map
  • ●  Dramatizing


  • ●  E.A.L. Students can practice their English skills, or tell the story in their own language, which still fosters creativity
  • ●  Literacy Skills
  • ●  Verbal Communication
  • ●  Expanding Vocabulary
  • ●  Understanding of story structure/theme and character development

ways that it adapts for different learners

  • ●  Can be used in any language
  • ●  Creates bonding experience between child and parent/teacher
  • ●  Easy to use ● FUN!!!

a word from the creators…

“Children have incredible imaginations. Being able to think differently and to see things in a new light is a prize skill in adulthood, yet this comes naturally for a young child. It is this ability that we prize most at Imagistory, one which we hope that today’s children keep just a bit more of as they grow up. Cherish your children’s [Students] stories, celebrate their creativity and enjoy this unique time.” – Imagistory